ul. Foksal 16, 00-372 Warszawa 22 826 11 99


ul. Foksal 16, 00-372 Warszawa 22 826 11 99


Our passion

The restaurant is spotlighted with a simple modern design, which not only encourages delicious Thai food but also a nice, non-obligatory atmosphere. Raw wood decorated with warm light lamps kept by the monkey statue is a great time for both delicious food and a bottle of wine or authenticated cocktails. It's a perfect place to meet not only socialize in a group of friends, but also intimate, business, or Sunday lunch with family. Additional attractions are dishes prepared before the eyes of visitors, however, be careful of the high fire wok heats up. Chef Sunchai makes sure our guests do not have a routine and are preparing new lunches and dishes outside of the standard menu card. Every Thai food lover is invited to a feast, and all those who enjoy new culinary experiences are encouraged to experience oriental flavors.







“ Piękny wystrój, pyszne jedzenie,

a do tego wyjątkowy klimat miejsca - warto tutaj wracać :) ”


Marcin     





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Opening hours

Monday 12:00–00:00
Tuesday 12:00–00:00
Wednesday 12:00–00:00
Thursday 12:00–00:00
Friday 12:00–00:00
Saturday 12:00–00:00
Sunday 12:00–23:00

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